Progress Tab - Project Status Update

Hi all,
With remote working :mask: increasing for everyone :computer:, the project status update :chart_with_upwards_trend:is now becoming a lot more used by teams. I noticed that the given status updates are: On Track / At Risk / Off Track

I recognise that this is using the RAG system :vertical_traffic_light:. The wording used is something I do not feel comfortable with. We use the RAG system for R = At Risk / A = in Progress / G = Complete. We also use grey = on hold.

If would be really helpful if ASANA would allow project owners to select the types / names of Status Updates to be used - Either by making this editable on project by project basis - or by allowing us to create a library of status updates โ€˜languageโ€™ which we can choose from as wel start building a project.

thoughts :thinking:?

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