Progress reporting on Priority Tasks

I wold like to know how I could create automation for when I select a priority in any task for any project that it will update a new project with the task to place it into a specific Section based on the Priority chosen.

For example.

Project ABC
New task 1 created, Priority High.

Project XYZ
Existing task 2, Priority updated from nothing to Low

Project Priorities
Duplicate task 1 and place into section 1
DUplicate task 2 and place into section 3

Thanks in advance!

Hi Toby,

Thanks for posting.
Do you want it to duplicate or just multi-home?

Oh, Multi home actually sounds better, so that when I update the task it will show completed in both spaces.

Hi Toby,

Yes exactly.
Rule - Trigger would be ‘priority high’ and action would be ‘+to another project’