Progress charts is just a straight line



My progress charts are showing up as just straight lines
I have added and completed tasks throughout the period from Feb 26 - Mar 5 and would like to see these changes on the chart on a daily basis.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?



@Roche I see under the progress title that we’re viewing “All Tasks Excluding (no section).” This means that we’re viewing all tasks except those that aren’t listed under a section. Sections are header tasks such as:

I suspect that on March 5th (when the plateau happens in the graph) something was updated in this project involving sections. Have any sections been removed or have tasks been moved out of sections?

Regardless of the section updates, you can always experiment with the filters you’re using in the progress view. Click the gear icon next to “Progress” and select different filters.

Let us know if that helps! If not, we’ll keep on working on it. :slight_smile:


@Alexis, when was that gear added to filter by section? I had no idea about that…that’s awesome! :heart_eyes:


@Todd_Cavanaugh Isn’t that cool!? It definitely makes Asana Dashboards more powerful.


Thank you for the reply. All sections were created on the first day and no sections have been removed. I experimented a bit with different filters, and it seems to make a bit of a difference, but the line is still straight.

The screenshot above is only one section selected where the initial tasks were created on February 26 and the tasks were completed on a daily basis from that date.
Better knock off those 7 remaining tasks today :slight_smile:


It seems like I have to select the first section in my project to get the graph to extend to the initial start date.

Above screenshot shows the first section (the section after “no section” in the filter options) selected. If I do not select the first section, but only subsequent sections, the graph only starts at 5 March - however, all the Sections and most of the tasks in the sections were created on 26 February.


@Roche In each of the graphs I see we’re viewing “All tasks excluding 6 sections” and “All tasks excluding 7 sections.” Could you show us what it looks like when you simply view the progress for all sections, including (no section)? That means all checkboxes will be selected like so:


Sure. See below


@Roche Looks like this is a bug! Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for providing so much detail - it’s helpful for us as we try to fix the bug.

As we try to work this bug out, I recommend you defer to a project’s csv export for reporting. Advanced search can work wonders, too. Happy to answer any follow questions you have.


I’m a new user, and I’m having a similar problem. But i think it’s worst. My progress chart isn’t relating the dates of the tasks.


All my taks are assigned and planned with due dates.


Hi @Fillipe_Tesch - could you send us a screenshot of what you see when you click on the gear icon, as well?


same problem here , tried all the filters. Why is it reaming an issue 6 months after being reported.


We’ll be happy to help. Few people are reporting this as an issue, so it could be unique to your account or a handful. Please share screenshots of what you’re seeing and describe what you’d like to see and we’ll see what we can do to help! :slight_smile:


already in contact with support but here is the screenshot anyway

progress chart - Asana


Sounds good! Please let us know what you learn, we’ll be glad to hear it.


Hi @Alexis There is no bug or anything wrong. Its just the way how asana meant for that graph to function by showing completed and balance tasks over past time (time from start to present). I think , like many others , I misunderstood this and assumed it is meant to show the profile of cumulative tasks count over due-time going forward. Both formats are useful and serve a different purpose. I hope asana consider the format some of us envisaged (or rather assumed) as it will emphasis the upcoming pace of the project and indicates if one is falling behind. The current format assumes that relationship as linear , which is never the case as tasks count spread over time at different frequencies (small tasks are days apart and large tasks are weeks apart). I hope I haven’t confused the matter further :wink:


Thank you very much for following up @Abdulsattar_Al_Mursh ! I appreciate you explaining the situation and helping the Community by showing them what you’ve learned. I hope the tool is able to support you in your needs moving forward!


I’m having the same issue. My Progress Graph is basically a flat line despite adding multiple tasks per day and completing multiple tasks per day. As I test Asana for consideration, this issue is really a show stopper. I also graded Asana 2 points lower on the survey that was presented to me (would you recommend Asana to a friend) specifically because the progress reporting is not showing daily points. It feels broken and frustrating. That, and no way to default sort by due date, and tasks getting out of order between sections when sorting by due date are making me really hesitate over using Asana. image


Thank you for your feedback on this feature @Annette_Truong. We’re sorry to know this feels broken and frustrating.

Perhaps @Abdulsattar_Al_Mursh can provide some insights into how he resolved the flat progress line problem in his dashboard. In the meantime, maybe his words here will provide some clarity:


Thanks for the feedback!

I’m confused on how the (possibly misguided?) advice of a “basic user” is
trumped by official Asana documentation.

Please see:

“A project’s progress chart is an interactive graph that provides a visual
representation of the health of a project by displaying completed vs
incomplete tasks over time.”


I simply want to know how to manage my project to see the “steps” in my
graph as per your company’s official documentation.

Annette Truong