Profile Photo Indicator for Asana Staff


It might be helpful to use the profile photo to indicate which Community members are Asana staff, maybe by superimposing a small Asana logo or something like that. Although a good idea is a good idea regardless of who posts it, sometimes a poster makes reference to “we” or a roadmap issue and it’s not always clear whether they’re representing the company.


This is a great idea, @Craig_Fifer and a good catch. We had implemented this a month or two ago, but it doesn’t seem to be appearing any more. I’ll capture a task for @Alexis to investigate when she’s back in the office.

We’ll also hope to get a badge or indicator ready for our champions as well :slight_smile: though that may be coming a bit further down the road.

Thanks for the feedback as always!


@Kaitie - you do have Asana badge, but some of other Asana employees are missing it.


I think @Kaitie’s is actually a moderator badge. Not all Asanas are forum moderators.


Indeed, that’s the case, and we do intend to have a logo badge to identify Asana staff more easily, and @alexis will hopefully be investigating to get it turned back on in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the feedback @Myroslav_Opyr


Hi folks! Nice to be back. :slight_smile: Asana employees in the Community should indeed have a badge. We thought it was a cache issue but it could be something else. Thanks so much for flagging this @Craig_Fifer! This will hopefully be resolved during our next sprint.