Profile images not showing up?


In my group, some people have photographs for their profile images, some have cartoony type things (like me), and some have no image.

It appears that at the moment, photographs are shown, but non-photographic images are just replaced by a color circle. However, since the system knows that there SHOULD be an image, it doesn’t put the initials in the circle. So that means that some people have photographs, some have circles with their initials, and some have just circles. This appears to be true in the cards, in the “who’s logged in” in the “who’s in each board”. It appears to be consistent as well…

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a browser problem? A server problem?

I’m using Chrome on a Macbook, in case that’s relevant…


Hi @Brian_Postow! That does seem strange! Do you know what image format your colleagues have used for their profile picture? Are they .jpeg or .png? If they upload a .jpeg image for example and remove it again, what happens?


I’m sorry. I forgot the first rule about debugging IT: Did you stop Chrome and restart it?

Restarted chrome, and now it looks correct.