Product/Task use for new user



I’m a new user to Asana and looking for feedback and guidance. Our marketing team has set up quite a few projects with each project having many tasks. However, we are using the Project as somewhat of a folder and constantly adding tasks. Example: Email Campaigns is the Project and each one of the campaigns is a task with subtasks. As I’m learning my way around, it seems that Asana was not necessarily created in this format. That said, we want to keep all tasks bucketed by topic, which is where we use “Project” and “Topic” synonymously. How is everyone else tackling this when setting up their workflow?


My initial thought, if I understand the use-case you describe, is to use Sections within the Project, rather than tasks with sub-tasks. You are correct that “Projects” are often more like “Topics.” We use Asana in this way all the time.

So if it were me, I would create a Project called “Email Campaigns” and then go through and set up Sections in that Project, either by date, or title, or whatever. Then list out the tasks within that Section. I probably wouldn’t use sub-tasks at all for this.


@Joe_Pod adding further to @Joel_Charles comment another suggestion is to try and establish what the standard or common structure or process you follow in your marketing campaigns I am sure that there are similar things you do each time… Make that a template project and then for each campaign you can create a project using that template… Which you can name that project with the goal of that campaign…