Product Request: Task Template View Only that still allows copying and editing of the copy!


We use very detailed task templates in various projects across our organization. Unfortunately, since there is currently no way to lock the template, allow copying of the template, and then editing of the copy OR granular permission settings for task templates we are constantly having to fix or recreate the task templates. Other employees accidentally start filling out the template/removing fields in the description, removing followers, deleting subtasks (that contain numerous other tasks) etc. It is a huge issue and extremely time-consuming to constantly be fixing.

We have done numerous departmental training, 1 on 1 training, and real-time support/assistance to prevent this, but it is unfortunately inevitable.

I love Asana (have used for over 6 years at various companies) and am responsible for rolling it out at Well+Good. However, constantly dealing with task template massacring by our sales, marketing, and editorial departments is killing myself and other org managers.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rollout this functionality!

hooray for description text formatting! :clap: