Product Improvements



I like the tool and have been asking others to use this tool. However there have been few drawbacks of this tool which if fixed can make this look real awesome.

  1. Email selected/all/filtered tasks. You might say Print option serves the need to some extent but is not as friendly as a single click on E-mail button.
  2. Reporting. Reporting needs improvement. You can better give a button “Reports” where user should be able to select the columns he wants in format he wants. All data is in DB, why would you want user to restrict from usage of that ?
  3. Import & Export. This is a real pain point for teams as they start using Asana tool. at first they are excited to use the tool and seldom think about this. User should be able to export data with all the fields. Eventually its users data, they should be having access to export data. Importing is again a big pain. When you want your team to start using the tool, they would want to import data that they have been managing all these days in Excel / Notepad etc.,
  4. Local hosting : This is last but not the least. If you figure out to host the environment locally in the organizations, they would be glad and relaxed that their data is not going out. This is where Asana should think to multiply its revenue at least thousand times.

I understand this need investment to get all these done, but yeah people are ready to pay for these features. Without these features it becomes difficult to sell the tool among our groups.