Product Feedback category - Pinned topics do not show up

Hi @Marie,

When posting in the Product Feedback category, it’s really important and useful to read the below posts:

Those topics are “pinned” in the category, but actually they are not shown in the category homepage. This is because all topics are sorted by date, replies, or views.

Is it possible to make the above two posts visible, by somehow pinning at the top of the product feedback category homepage, globally pinning them at the community forum homepage, or something else?
Thank you for your consideration in advance!

Hi @ShunS and thank you so much for flagging this!

I believe I’ve fixed the issue (see screenshot below), but please let me know if you’re not seeing it on your end :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,
Thank you! I confirm that I can see them in the “Latest” page, and I think it had already been.
I was only looking at, jumping from the community forum homepage.

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Got you @ShunS; it should now all be fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marie!
You made “Latest” page the default, right?
It looks all good!


Yes I did :slight_smile: