Product features - menus and default views


I’ve been using asana free version for a little while and I think its a brilliant product. A couple of things I think would make it even more useful…

  • The ability to show/hide menus in the left sidebar rather than just shrink/expand to simplify the interface. e.g. I don’t use my favourites but it’s the top menu. Would like to hide it.
  • The ability to reorder left side menu positions via drag and drop to put the most used ones at the top.
  • Ability to set default views, e.g. “More projects” link int he left menu is something I click every time to view everything. It would be good if this could be expanded as a default. Ditto with the my task view as my preferred default would be to view tasks sorted by project, or at times by date. These are extra clicks I make each time I open asana.
  • Ability to view project complete date on the project board - I would like team members to see the end date of a sprint board when looking at tasks.
  • Ability to switch a list view to a board view. At the moment I think you have to delete the project if you decide it isn’t in the best view.
  • In board view, an option to autosize columns to fit screen would be nice. The last column is sometimes just off the screen.
    Well done on a great product!


Hi @Justyn

Great suggestions. One of them is already possible - the default view for My Tasks. If you filter by project, you can then select the ‘Save View for Everyone’ option, and it’ll open that way every time:



Thanks Mark I’ve done that, cheers.
Forgot one more idea that’s a biggie for the way i use it. The ability to make the subtask of a task in one project a top level task in another board (when you click the + sign in the expanded task window to share the task with another project). Reason is I use a sprint board to incrementally tick off the sub tasks of larger features in other project boards. Instead on adding these sub tasks a second time as tasks in the sprint board, I’d like to go into a sub task of a project board and add the subtask directly to my sprint so checking this off in the sprint would automatically check off the subtask in the project board. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks again for a great product. Cheers.


No problem, Justyn. I’m glad that was helpful.

Good news again - I believe you can add subtasks as headline tasks. You just open the subtask pane by clicking here:


Then when you’re in, click Tab+P to open the ‘Add to project’ box - the plus sign isn’t there for some reason, so it’s not as obvious. Once you add that subtask to another project, it becomes a parent task, to which you can even add further subtasks!

Have a mess about with it but hopefully it should save you some time.



Loving that! Thanks Mark