Problem with dashboard - no scroll bars


Since the update to the interface recently, I’ve had to switch to Chrome to get the scroll bars back on my Dashboard page.

They have disappeared entirely in firefox:


Hi @David_Ruder and sorry to hear about that!

Are you able to reproduce the issue with a private page in Firefox? Could yo alsou try to update your browser?

If the issue persist it would be interesting to know what version of Firefox you’re using, so I can investigate further?

I look forward to your reply!


I am using the latest version of Firefox (62.0.3 (64-bit)) and when I click a task title in an email and go to the browser view where the task occupies the entire window, there is no longer a vertical scroll bar. I have click the “X” for that window to go the full browser view where the task occupies only a right column of the screen. I have restarted the browser, computer, clear caches, etc. This problem does not occur in Chrome.