Problem with assigning a task to member outside the organisation


Hi all,
First post here and hope you can help me! I want to assign a task to an outsider (Martine) of my organisation. I do the following:

  1. Go to task, assign to,
  2. I start typing - note: Martine is not in my dropdown list (I did assign to her before in another workspace)
  3. I select "+ " Invite via mail
  4. I start typing her mailaddress and ad her name,
  5. I select “Share task”

Now nothing happens.

Please note: I misspelled her mailadress once, that did work in adding the task. (and now I cannot remove that faulty address from the dropdown box so it seems) and I used her private mailaddress, that also works. But I need to add her on her workmail and I have no idea what goes wrong there. Her mailadress is info@[privatedomain].nl

Please note 2: When I go to teammembers, Asana gives me an error “Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored” (there is nothing wrong with my internet).

Please note 3: I used Chrome and Edge, no difference, still the same problem. Logged out and in again. Nothing.

Is something buggy in the member section that causes this?



@Laura_Zijlstra I think the best option is to contact support to get rid of the email address and then try the process again.

To contact support: Go to (, into “Having Trouble With”; and then below you will find a Still can’t find an answer; “button”


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