Problem to add a member


Hello everyone,

I’ve got some problems with Asana app, we’re a team composed with 15 teammates, so I can even create a free project. But, I recently ban one of my mate because it was the wrong e-mail. I re-add him, but he doesn’t appear in the project but Asana still count 15


Asana still count 15 people on our project. How can I fix it ?


Hi @Denis_Constant and welcome to the Community Forum. You should be able to see all your members following these steps: Can you confirm if you have 15 members there? Here is how you can remove someone from your Workspace if you need to free a seat:

Hope this helps; pelase let me know if you’re still running into trouble!


Hello Marie,

I tried it, but Asana still count 15 people on this project, but it appears only 14… Maybe an Asana’s bug… I cannot remove my teammate because he’s not on the list, but he’s couting by Asana as a member of this project.


Sounds like this person was added to one task (as opposed to the whole project => this make her a project guest but she stills belongs to your Workspace). Can you check if you can find this person in your Workspace members?


I cannot find this person, but when I try to add it on a task, he did appear on suggestions, but when I added it, Asana pop an error message : “We’re trying to reconnect to Asana.”


Hmm, that does sounds strange. In order to hep you further I would need to take a look directly a your account, so I would recommend reaching directly to our support team following the path below, they’ll be in a better position to help you! > I’m having trouble with > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Let’s chat”