Problem having marking dependencies

We have a customer board used as a database and for every new task(job) we mark the it with the customer as a dependency to make it easier to access, however recently we discovered something regarding the Customer task that a user was needing to mark a job task dependent upon. In each case, the user was not listed as a collaborator of that Customer task however, looking at the history, she had marked several tasks dependent upon these customers before. I know when a task is created, we can make it “public” to the team, etc. The user is a collaborator of the Customer project board but was no longer able to access tasks on that board. How can we fix this without having to go through each task and make sure that each person is a collaborator?

Hi @Belinda1 and thanks for reaching out!

That does seems strange! Marking a task (say Task A) dependant on Task B doesn’t automatically make you a collaborator of Task B, this is an expected behaviour. With that said, if your colleague is a member fof your Board project, he should definitely be able to access all project tasks, including the one relevant to their customer.

In order to investigate this further, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team with the following info, they will be able to take a look into your project and advise you better:

  • URL of your Board Project
  • Email address of your colleague who’s enable to access tasks in the Board project
  • URL of the task/job created for your customer + URL of the task marked dependant in your Board project

Hope this helps! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!