Problem assigning projects from "My Tasks" in web browser



I use Asana for work (paid version) and the free version at home for personal use. I’m just having this problem with personal use and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or knows a workaround.

When I’m in a web browser (I duplicated this on fresh installations of Firefox and MS Edge, as well as my well-worn Chrome browser) I typically add tasks from the “My Tasks” page and then add them to projects by clicking the “Add To Project” link. Three of my projects are not showing up in the dropdown suggestions.

Workarounds: using the Android app. Or adding tasks from the project pages and then assigning myself.


Any answer on this Matt?

My android app does not show projects option when I’m adding a new task, neither in mini mode or full mode(quick add or full screen)

Help @asana