Private vs. Public Tasks


I’m wondering if there is a way to set a Public Project so that anything I add to it is ALSO automatically added to a Private Project but NOT in the reverse. I want to keep things I put in the Private Project directly to remain private. Thank you.


First, you can have a task in multiple projects. That’s the key to this.

Second, if you add the task you want to track both publicly and privately to the private project, the people on the task that have access to it won’t get access to the private project.

This means you have to be cognizant when creating new tasks in the public project of also adding them to the private project. Also it would be important to note that any comments in the task would be visible in both the public and private project.

If that doesn’t work, your next option would probably be to copy the task or use the “follow-up on task” feature to create tasks that link to the public project’s tasks. If you go that route you’ll have to do the task management twice and keep things synchronized.

Any more than this would probably require development using Asana’s API and is beyond my expertise.


Thanks Ryan. That’s basically what I’ve been doing. I was hoping for some automatic way so they show up in both places under certain conditions and one place in others. I guess it’s on to the API.


Good luck! If you have success I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:


You can probably just set up a zap w/zapier (which ofc uses the API so you can code this yourself if you want) - task added to project, so add task to x project, etc.