"Private user" for followers



I have a task with several followers. one of them is seeing this instead of others names… Any idea why?


How to Contact a Private User HELP ASAP

Hey @Bastien_Siebman! Sounds like this user is a Guest and the “Private users” he is seeing are also Guests. If you add them all to the same Team (as full Team members), they’ll be able to see each other! :slight_smile:


So Guests don’t see each other on the same tasks?


Yes. Guests can see each other’s names and can interact with each other (tag each other, assign tasks to each other, etc.) only if they are the part of the same project, or the same team. I had a problem with that because I work with a lot of guests, so I created a team and invited all the guests in it, so they could cooperate with each other. The same effect can be achieved by putting them all in the same project, but I couldn’t do that, because I don’t want all of them to have access to all the tasks in the project.

Also, important note - if you add a guest as a follower to a task, he is not able to see which project that task belongs to - unless the guest in question is already part of the project.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing.


Thanks a lot that is clearer now! That was awkward when I was naming guests one by one and they only saw “Private User” instead :sweat_smile:


Was for me, too. I thought that once you add someone as a follower, he’ll be able to interact with the other followers of the same task - I expected that would remove the security restrictions. No such luck. :slight_smile: