šŸ”’ Private link assistant



Sometimes Iā€™m sharing tasks/comments with other tasks/projects URLs embedded in task notes/comment content. Asana UI does convert these URLs into task/project titles nicely, but only for those who has access to targets, others are getting :lock: Private link instead.

Conversation (and task execution) takes tad longer because task followers have to ask for extra permission, and include information about which exactly of the links they are not able to access. This does require extra round of Comments and responses, that delays progress and clutters the conversation.

I see at least a couple of ways to achieve better productivity and reduce clutter.

Request Access
The simplest approach would be to allow Request Access button on the tasks and projects that would convert either into comment to task (lacking permission) or conversation in project, or special type of story (like team membership requests). That comment/story would go to task followers, or to team moderators (membership request recipients).

Security Assistant
All of the links that have partial visibility to task folowers would need extra icon (like one of the locks - :lock: :unlock: :closed_lock_with_key: :lock_with_ink_pen: :key:) near the title of the task. That would highlight that the link is not reachable to all task followers. Hovering the link would allow user to see, who is lacking the access permission.

For further UX improvement there probably should be some tools provided to improve task accessibility right from task UI (without the need to visit parget task/project and without the need to remember the list of persons lacking permission).