Private and Hidden Tasks in Public Projects

It would be nice if, when adding a task that’s already in a project to another project, you had the option to hide the details and title if one of the projects is private.

The task’s title and details would be visible to people who are also in the private project, but remain hidden to those who only have access to the public project. Custom fields in the public project, as well as due date and assignee would be visible to everyone.


We use a public project to manage and prioritize tasks for a shared resource. Whenever a task from a private project is assigned to a member of the shared resource, we add it to the public project, so that everyone can see what tasks are being worked on, and in what priority (a field unique to the public project).

It would be very nice if the private tasks remained private, but still showed up in the public project, along with the custom fields for the public project. Due date and assignee would also be visible. The task’s title and details would remain hidden, however, except to those users that were also members of the private project the task is a part of.

Currently the only way to maintain the permissions we want but also give everyone visibility on the workload of the shared resource is to create duplicate tasks for each task assigned to the shared resource. The duplicate tasks are added to the public project, and the details are empty except for a link to the associated task in the private project.

When a member of the shared resource finishes a task, they need to remember to mark the linked task as complete as well. Also, whenever a task’s due date or assignee changes, it needs to be changed in the public task as well (meaning I need to link the public task in the description of the private task as well).

This process is very tedious and also prone to errors. If someone forgets to follow this process, it can lead to sensitive or confidential information getting leaked to those not approved to see it.

This has also been annoying when a task contains both non-confidential and confidential subtasks.

This is something that my organization would absolutely upgrade for.

Hi @Carlton_Lindsay and thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us and for detailing why this is a pain point for you and your team! While I can’t promise when or if this will be addressed, your feedback is extremely valuable and will definitely be considered by our Team for future updates!