Priority sections are not showing


In one of my workspaces, some of the default priority sections are not showing. I only see “Later” and “Marked for Today.” Thanks for your help.


Priorities in My Tasks only appear when they contain tasks. For example, you should be able to make “Upcoming” appear by marking one of your tasks for upcoming. :grinning:


@Nick_Wagner you can do this by clicking the blue circle next to a task.

When you hover over the blue circle you see:

When you click the blue circle you see:

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts in the photo:
Today = Tab+Y
Upcoming = Tab+U
Later = Tab+L


Hi Daniel. I have several tasks marked as Upcoming. The section is not visible. See attached screen shot. Thanks.


Hi Alexis. I did that. Most sections still not visible. Thanks.


Thanks for following up @Nick_Wagner. In the screenshot, it looks like you have your My Tasks list sorted with the View: “Tasks by due date”, and the priority sections will not show in this view. They only only show in the “Incomplete Tasks” view, so if you want to use the priority sections, try toggling your view over. Hope this helps!


That did it! Thanks Kaitie!


Happy to help!

Priority sections can be tricky to get the hang of, but they’re wonderful once you find the right system for your routine. :slight_smile:


We need to sort our tasks by both due date AND priority due to the volume and nature of our work. Is there any think in the works that would allow sorting by 2 parameters? Thanks


I have been feeling the need to have two sorting parameters a couple of times as well, so I upvote @Fiona1 comment here!


Advanced search will give you the ability to view by priority and due date (assuming you’re using a priority custom field), among many other unique searches. I recommend that you do an advanced search by custom field (or whatever you’re using for priority) and then sort the search results by due date. You could even favorite the search and save it to your sidebar so you can reference it easily.


For some reason, I have projects, with sub-tasks, dated for later months, showing up in my My Tasks, but with no blue dotes. I dragged those projects/tasks into my Later, but am curious why they don’t have the blue dot.