Priority notification when postponed x-times

Sometimes you just keep postponing certain tasks. Might be no priority, might be that you’re really not looking forward to doing the task at hand, or any other reason.
A cool feature would be that Asana brings up a small pop up after the 3-5-7-xth time you’ve postponed a certain task. E.g. Seems like you’ve postponed this task 5 times now. What’s up?
To help you get your priorities straight.

Hey @Joost_Beers2 welcome to the Forum.
Good feedback. My only caveat is that if you keep changing the due date for 7 times, then perhaps the task needs to be closed out or deferred completely. :wink:

Hi Rashad, that’s exactly my point. A little poke that gets you thinking, which could result in your suggestion. As I agree with that totally.

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