Prioritize Tasks in Calendar

I think it would be awesome to be able to prioritize tasks in the calendar view.

After adding due dates to tasks you should be able to prioritize the tasks on that date in the order that you need to get them done.

And then when they are complete they automatically move to the bottom of the day and the next task is moved to the top of the list.

And you should be able to change the order at anytime by dragging and dropping.


I agree. We use Asana every day and love it. This feature would be a huge help!


I add Due Times to my tasks. In this case the earlier the time, the higher it appears (in theory) in the calendar. I have, however, found rogue Tasks that appear at the top no matter what I do (still looking for the reason).

Once you finish the task it will still be visible, but in muted colors.

Partial work around I guess…

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Absolutely agree… In Calendar to be able to dive down and to Day view and see just the tasks due today at various levels, project, team and obviously individual (most important)

To be able to then prioritise these as well would be brilliant to follow some of the efficiency guru teachings like The One Thing and Eat That Frog…

Finally the ability to be able to print that off as a pdf… for those who aren’t in front of tech each day that is very important…


I have the same request and the same issue. Most tasks fall into order by time they are due. However, there are some that automatically go to the top regardless. Would be great to have a fix.

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To make the tasks prioritized by time on a certain day in the calendar, just close Asana and open it back up. Then, they will be in order by time from top to bottom. Wish it would just do it automatically, but it does work so far.

Absolutely agree! Most of my tasks don’t have a specific due date, and when there’s a lot of them it would be a complete waste of time to add random times to them or have to drag them off the day and then back on in just the right (inflexible) way. Please make this possible!


I soooooo want this! And I do not want to have to add a due time or whatever to tasks. I just want to be able to drag and drop within a day in the calendar.

And I see this is yet another of many feature requests that’s over a year old and still unfulfilled.

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Also a feature we would love. When you have several tasks showing in a date in the calendar it would be very helpful to drag and drop them in any order you’d like to prioritize.

I am setting up ASANA and this was the first thing I wanted to do once I started planning my day tomorrow. Not a deal breaker but it is more bandwidth I need to use when looking at calendar and deciding what’s next. Decision fatigue is real for me, LOL.

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Wholeheartedly support this feature request. I share the same reasons as many who have already posted. Can we hope for this feature in the near future?

Im my team, we all want this feature. It would help to prioritized my own tasks and my collaborators’ tasks