Printout of (only) My Tasks:Today (prioritized to work on today)


I’m actively prioritizing tasks under My Tasks and designating ones for “Today” or “Upcoming”…and wondering if I can generate a print-out of only my tasks slated to be worked on “Today” to keep with me all day while I’m mobile/running around our physical location - is this possible?


Yes, you can do that. I have a client who wanted the very same thing and here’s what I shared with her:

  1. Close Asana sidebar if it’s open
  2. Click on My Tasks
  3. Fold up Upcoming and Later sections in My Tasks
  4. Cmd+P (or Ctrl+P for Windows) to print that list, which is Today’s tasks

There is an option at the top of My Tasks to print the list, but it prints both completed and incomplete tasks, which may not be what you want. That does produce a cleaner printout (there’s a default message about printing that displays when you don’t use it).


Thanks so much, @Gabrielle_Fishman! That works great. It’ll be my lifeline as I’m running around all day unable to look at my app or desktop!


Hi @Searcy_Morgan! If you have access to the Premium features, you can also run an advanced search for tasks assigned to you and due today, you can then print your search results following these steps: Hope this helps! :slight_smile: