Printing Tags

During our weekly meetings with the executive director, we print out a copy of the agenda we’ve created in Asana. We initially created this with sections as topics (local travel, state travel, out of state travel, etc.) and, of course, we can’t really sort these chronologically because of the sections. I thought we could do away with the sections and create tags to indicate local, state, or out of state travel to facilitate the chronological sorting, with the added tags assisting in clarifying the type of travel. Well, now it seems we can’t get those tags to print out in either color or black and white, rendering them useless for our purposes. I cannot find anywhere in the guide about how to get tags to print - not even to say “No, you can’t print the tag field when printing a project - why on earth would anyone even want to?” Does anyone have a clue how that might be accomplished?

@Mary_Capps, I’m pretty sure you’re right that there’s no way to print tags in Asana. But you can do so in some of the standard report formats provided by:

Disclaimer: I’m the creator.

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