Printing of tasks is not including images / pictures

See previous issue that was resolved.

Per this post, printing of tasks to pdf should include images. I have tested this several times in several projects and it is not working.

This is used when using Asana for meetings, task, etc. and impacts usability.

New issue opened: Request #821397

Can you tell us anything on this important bug? The inability to archive/ save the task as a PDF with the pictures attached (printed as viewed in the task) reduces the efficiency and usability


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Mike_Candler!

I have just tested this and it works for me (using Asana Web)

I recommend going through all the troubleshooting steps to see if that helps.

Hi @Mike_Candler, welcome to our Community Forum, and sorry for the trouble. I see that our Support team has already escalated this issue, and our Developers are working on it. Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA to share yet, but as soon as we have any news, our Support agent will get back to you via email.

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Hello. I am using Asana web (Google Chrome). What browser are you using?
I also tried using Firefox still does not work.

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Yeah same here using web version and Asana Chrome

Strange that it is not working for you but as Vanessa mentioned support is working on it already. I hope they can fix this ASAP


we have the exact same issue here at Telestack and are wondering when this is going to be resolved?

Hi @Mark_Pancott, apologies for the trouble. Our team is currently working on a fix for this issue, but unfortunately we don’t have an ETA to share yet. As soon as I have any updates I’ll be sure to share here in the Forum

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Someone mentioned a workaround using comments field/section for images and they will print. We can place images in the comments section and they will show up in the print. Unfortunately, if you add any text or notes above or below the the image in the comments field then images will not show up when printed. So until this is fixed Asana can not be used for meeting notes where screen grabs and images are key part of efficient note taking.


Any news on this issue? I’m using the Asana Windows app, I just found a workaround by printing the task to One Note and then exporting to pdf if that helps - not really straightforward…

Hi @Pablo_Comellas, welcome to our Community Forum, and thanks for sharing the workaround. Our developers are still working on this, but unfortunately they don’t have an ETA to share yet. We’ll be sure to post here once we have any updates.

Thanks for looking into this.

While working on the pilot to test if we could use Asana for meeting notes we discovered that the search feature to find terms, subjects, or key words in previous meeting notes does not work well at all. We are going to abandon the idea of using Asana for meeting notes in our projects as the search feature is not good. And as you know it does not print the screen grabs which we use heavily in zoom meetings.

Asana team you may want to work on a way to add meeting notes to projects in Asana and have a full functionality, image printing, and search feature that highlights the key word you are searching for in the list (tasks) of meeting notes.

Hi Vanessa, we are having exactly same problem

Picture from forms appear only as an attachment. That’s why it can´t be printed as before.