Print Team Calendar arrow missing


I am trying to print the Team Calendar in order to show multiple projects on one calendar. However, when viewing the Team Calendar, I don’t get the drop down arrow to the right of the title that lists the print function. The Help section shows a screenshot _with _this feature. Does anyone one know how I can do this?

My Team Calendar view

The Team Calendar view on the Asana help page showing the dropdown arrow



Hi @Clara_boe. I’m happy to ask our support team if this is a bug! In the meantime, I suggest you file a ticket and someone will get back to you asap.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


Update for you @Clara_boe - this should be showing up for you, so the problem may have to do with a fluke in your individual account or browser. I recommend that you try using Asana in a different browser (Chrome will hopefully do the trick). If that doesn’t help you, then please reach out to Asana’s support team. :slight_smile: I hope this helps!


Thanks Alexis. I am using Chrome but tried a few other browsers with no luck. I will reach out to the support team.


@Alexis I see know drop down to print the calendar either. Can you show a snippet of its location. I use Google Chrome


@Clara_boe can you give URL in Asana Help where it shows a print button.


This is what you should be able to see in the calendar view in My Tasks or any project. If you can’t, please do reach out to our support team so they can keep track of it. We have a team in Europe, so they should be able to see this overnight, hopefully help(!), and take the bug reporting action they think is appropriate.

This thread is a reminder for us (at Asana) to figure out how to go about bug reporting in the forum. Thank you all for your patience as we learn these processes together. :blush:


@Alexis @Clara_boe I think I see the issue, Project calendars have a drop down to print but it does not appear that Team Calendars have the same drop down options. In addition it looks like @Clara_boe is not an organization but a personal workspace. My personal workspace under my personal email address looks just like hers. So in summary it looks like their is no option to print a Team Calendar in an organization, all Projects have the option to print a calendar, Team Calendar in a personal workspace has no drop-down to do anything. It also appears you can print a calendar under My Tasks. It would be very beneficial to add the same printing capabilities to the Team calendar as Project Calendar. But… I am not Support, just looking through things. Good luck


Just came to the same realization. @Alexis I was scratching my head about the same issue. I’ve logged a query with the @Asana_team as well.


@Levor_DaCosta @James_Carl Ah, yes of course. You’re correct. We aren’t able to print team calendars right now. As a workaround I suggest doing an advanced search for all the projects your team is doing, then click calendar view, and print the advanced search calendar view for all your team’s projects.


Thanks Alexis. This does allow the Print option to come up for the team calendar. I’m running into a snag however. When I attempt to print the calendar this way or even my individual calendar, Asana crashes and is forced to reload. I’ve submitted a report to the support team so hopefully this should be resolved soon.


@Levor_DaCosta Glad this could be an option for you! But sorry to hear about Asana crashing. Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:


I am wondering if it is possible to edit the calendar title with a calendar created from an advanced search?


Absolutely @Kristin_Bodiford! Just select the drop down arrow and click Rename Search.


So I can see the drop down menu on my iMac large desktop computer but on my Mac laptop the title is abbreviated and there are three dots, but no way to click on any thing to show the drop down arrow… is this a problem on laptop viewing? It seems like there should be a way to view the drop down menu?