Print Task: custom fields printing in random order?

Hi all. We use Asana as part of our mechanical spec sheet creation process. This involves a LOT of custom fields. Some of our print vendors like to print the jobs (tasks) assigned to them. Unfortunately, the custom fields seem to print in a different order for different tasks. They’re not in the order they’re listed on the task itself, or in the order that they were filled in. We’re stumped. Is there a way to specify that we want the custom fields to print in the order they’re listed in the task? Screenshots below:



@lpb does Asana2Go treat the custom fields order in a “good” way?

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I can confirm the behavior, but have no explanation.

Perhaps @Ainhoa_Rico or @Emily_Roman could weigh in? It seems this either should be a Report a Bug or Product Feedback, right?

Re @Bastien_Siebman, I actually already answered an Asana2Go question for Kit at Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies) - #47 by lpb and I think we need Asana to explain the behavior here.



I think we should flag this to our product team :pray: @Vanessa_N @Ainhoa_Rico feel free to move to Product Feedback if our team confirms this is not a bug. Thank you!


Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble. Definitely worth escalating. I’ve passed this on to our Developers and will let you know once I hear back. Thanks for flagging!

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Hi everyone, the Developers got back to me and explained that this is happening because the order printed depends on what project the task is opened, so the printed fields won’t always appear in the same order shown in the task pane. Although they are not able to share an ETA yet, they’ve added this case to their queue, and as soon as they have any updates on a fix they will inform me. I’ll keep you posted!