Print: subtasks dont print from Boards



I have multiple subtasks for a task in my project. My project is displayed as a board.

When I hit PRINT, only the top leve tasks get printed! How do I ensure that each tasks’ minions get printed too?


HI @Ketan_Warikoo - at this time it’s not possible to print all subtasks in a boards project when you do a high level print. However, advanced search provides a solution! I suggest that you conduct an advanced search for your boards project and include subtasks. Then you can print the list of advanced search results and even save the search for easy reference later.


Hey this is pretty handy. Thanks!

Just a suggestion- add an option to filter out archived projects please!


Also, atm everytime I hit Print, asana crashes! I tried from both Chrome and Edge.


You are only able to print from an internet browser. You can’t print from the app :expressionless: