Print a timeline


Its been almost two months since your last update on this. Can you please advise further the expected release date of this feature?

Hi @Russ_Friedson and thanks for the mention.

I don’t have any updates to share just yet, but rest ensured that I’m closely following this internally; I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Marie, thank you. Can you at least confirm that this will be available no later than the end of 2019?

Still waiting for this to get updated. The PDF print option is pretty clunky.

Is there any update on this feature? This is a really key feature to enable us to use and share Timeline well with our team.

Welcome @Jason_Russel_Allen;

I don’t have fresh updates to share just yet, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I can!

We have started testing Asana multiple locations, many external collaborators that need to see project flow and status. If nothing changes I will have to write that adding another program such as instagatt - is adding a layer of complexity that significantly increases friction and cost.

I would also like to know when this is available. This would be useful when showing upper management or other stakeholders a quick overview of the project timeline.

It has been a bit over a month since your last update. Can you give us any concrete information at all regarding timing? E.g. “By December 2019?” I think we are all assuming this is in the development plan and, consequently, it is reasonable there would be a time estimate. Please advise. Thank you!

Just started using Asana and even paid for the Premium. First thing I wanted to do was print my timeline. Can’t do it. Hmm, added reminder to my calendar to cancel Asana subscription for 29 days from today. Basic, Basic, Basic.

also curious as to this function, we print and hang these above the teams, people walking by then can glance and see whats happening

Really? I kinda of assumed it would be part of the product already. any other way to export to do a print copie?

Hello, do you have an update on the Print feature roll out date for Timeline? Thanks!

+1 for the print timeline feature.

Please update on when it would be rolled out- Thank you!!

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This is so disappointing. I’ve just paid for the Premium, assuming it would be part of the product. Now I’m considering canceling the subscription.

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