Pricing Tier for Comment-only users

I’m interested to learn whether it is being considered to have a modified, reduced pricing tier for users that are part of an organization that have “comment-only” restrictions. I love that this is feature exists when you want to bring in project members to engage with core members but not be able to change much. I think it’s great to have this benefit on a project-by-project basis. However, if there is no initial intention for specific users to EVER have full access elsewhere, does it makes sense for them to pay as much as those that that have access to the full feature-set within each given license tier? There is a lot hesitation to expand our Business license to users that might only want/need to engage from the comments field. It is hard to justify the initial investment for expansion when they are just learning the platform and haven’t fully identified use cases of their own. I believe that through this approach it would only encourage a wider, justifiable expansion of license seats because it would create the level of visibility that would allow users to convert from someone that only comments to someone that wants to create!

Hi Jerod and thanks for sparking this discussion!

With our current structure, we don’t allow to upgrade different people of a same team to different paid plan (ie: you can’t have one person with Business features, and other teammates on Premium), so introducing a pricing tier for comment-only users would involve multiple changes. While we might consider this option in the future, this is not something our team is exploring right now. I’ve escalated a task internally and will keep you posted here when I have some updates!

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