Pricing for 1 user [Continuation...]


I agree too. I was actually going to sign up for the premium plan then saw the pricing. Wow - what about supporting entrepreneurs?


Agreed. I asked about this a few times and support have just said it’s not available. I’ve ended up moving to Trello as they have a price structure where you pay $10 and get to use up to 3 ‘premium’ features. If Asana had this I’d come straight back


+1 Would happily pay for a premium single user licence. Im a freelancer. And desperately need to organise all my projects.


I am like one of many users on Asana Community forums. We need better pricing for 1,2,3 person teams. It’s too expensive to pay for 5 users when we only need less right now.

I’m not alone when I see that there is frustration in the tiered pricing model.

Many users who have the 5user plan are also frustrated when they need to add a 6th or 7th user. Thoee businesses then have to double their expense to add 1 or 2 users.

Please add per user pricing to help us all out. From what I saw there is at least half a dozen Forum posts asking for this going back a couple years now and either there is no response or the only response is ‘we’ll pass on the feedback’ but it seems that either the feedback isn’t being passed on or no one is listening :frowning:

Several other companies like Evernote,Todoist, and many more have adopted the per user plans which is a huge help for startups, freelancers and small businesses


Same here. Create a 1 user premium account and take my money, please.


I prefer Asana but I’ll have to go with Flow… :roll_eyes: