Pricing for 1 user [Continuation...]


Because there is still no answer for a previous topic created that got closed, is there any reason why freelancers can’t upgrade to premium just paying 1 member license?


Can you point the topic that was closed please? Re-opening a closed topic might not be the answer though. @Alexis any input for us?


I see I’m not alone in wishing there was a premium option for a single user.

I like Asana, I’ve dipped in and out of the free version for over a year and the premium tools like roadmap look great, they are just what I need!

Unfortunately, 1 user paying for 5 licences is simply not worth it.

I’m in a team of 1 at the moment, it may grow, but it’s unlikely to get beyond 3.
A 5 user licence is certainly not going to be approved when the company can simply add me as a user on say, Jira (I’m in marketing, the dev team use Jira) for a much smaller price.

A 30-day trial sounds nice, but with a heavy workload (it’s why we need a PM tool!) it’s not enough time to invest in building up Asana properly to try and convince other teams to adopt.

So, it’s not only freelancers being priced out, it’s small teams of 1-3 in companies too. Teams who, if they got to show this tool in meetings, to demonstrate sprint and roadmap planning with Asana would very likely over time win over business to invest more… and make the leap to the next level of 5+ licences.

So while I’m sure the pricing model has been carefully thought out for growing SME’s, Asana really are shooting themselves in the foot for getting more users on-board who would promote the tool.

I refuse to believe the admin or server space taken by the undoubted surge in premium single users would ruin profits. I’m sure it would actually cement new users into using the system, become advocates and enable small teams to actually be more productive, grow, and spread to the rest of their enterprise.

So come on, Asana, give us a single user premium account at a single-user price.
I’d love to be using the tool, but that first step is too high for tentative single or small team users.


I’m new to the community here, but on the previous closed topic @Alexis noted we could DM any further questions… I’ve gone through the entire dashboard and can’t see an option to do that.

I’ve a feeling this is a closed shop (I hope I’m wrong - as otherwise I’m a Jira user!)



Agreed. Asana need a premium plan for 1 and 3 users. The current premium plan is too much for freelancers and small teams


Hi, I would like to say that I really will appreciate this feature too. Asana reallly needs an individual plan less than $37 bucks.


I agree, love Asana, but have to look for other alternatives, as no point to pay for 5 users when I am using it alone…


Same here, Really wish there was a premium tier for single to small teams. Frustrating to have such a great feature set so close but not available.


i loved Asana, left and came back and still no premium solo user. This was 2 years ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s not a possibility and forcing people to pay $38 for 5 seats that will never be filled is crazy. I could discontinue the use of several programs if I could just use Asana. I feel like the way things are going it’ll be another couple of years before it’s offered. Sad day.


why this is not merged with other one which has 42 votes…plus this one…we are above 50 votes. community manager should merge similar topics to see real upvote.


ping @Marie for a possible merge. However I think Discourse does not sum up votes when merging :sweat_smile:
My guess is that the product team knows exactly which topics are “trending”, even if the number of vote is not accurate.


Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman! The previous thread has been closed, so I think we shouldn’t merge this one with the previous one. Rather than creating a new thread every time someone new join the community, I’d rather leave this one open so users can continue sharing their feedback.

We’re aware that this is a popular request, and while I don’t have an update to share at the moment, I can ensure you that we keep monitoring the situation!


Same here. I will not use Asana, and this is because there is no single-user plan.


Throwing in my +1 for this pricing model. I was going to subscribe to Asana for personal use, but I can’t justify the price.


Yep, you asana guys lost another client with this unreasonable pricing scale up… Going for ClickUp instead. Cheers


I agree. ASANA… you are losing out on the possibility of an additional subscription rate of up to $15/ per month for SOLO premium users.


Thanks for the tip!!! I’m going to try ClickUp now!


I was wondering about this too. I wish the user seat minimums were clearly communicated on the pricing page instead finding out the bad news after wasting time on a trial. I too am a freelancer. I’m happy to pay for my own user seat, but I don’t want to get stuck paying everytime I invite a client to just view parts of a project. That said, if Asana is targeted small teams versus single-users, they’d do themselves and us a favour by making their 5 paid user minimum clear on the pricing page.


If I play the Devil’s Advocate role, they are actually not missing out on thousands of users that would require their attention with reactive support as soon as they go Premium :sweat_smile: