Preventing employees from registering


We would like to try asana in a small Group first. How can we prevent further employees of our company from registering?


Since Asana is a free service, you cannot prevent people from signing up.

The best option you have is to create private projects. A private project is only accessible to the users you give access to.

This Asana article will be helpful in setting up a private project if you do not already know how to do so.


Hi @Roman_Wunderli

Probably the easiest way to test out Asana and control who has access is to create a workspace. Here’s some more info:

You can require permission to access, and you can do everything privately.


Or to work inside Teams and only invite people from your group. It does not matter if other employees use Asana, they won’t be able to see what you are doing.


It’s great for Asana rev model to have sign up be so easy, but we’ve found it to a hindrance to proper onboarding. At least for paid plans, I wish there were an approval process to help ensure the new user has a proper orientation to our company standards and approach to using Asana.