Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

I wanted to write a very long reply to this thread, but Tim_Shipman saved me the time to do so. Let me quote Tim and add my voice here:

By Tim Shipman:

“Security of data is vital to any business. Loss of that data can not only waste time, but cripple or even kill a project or business. Tools like Asana are supposed to facilitate productivity and efficiency; however, the lack of control over task deletion is inexcusable for such a mature product in my opinion (and why I would not commit my staff to use it - despite it being a powerful tool). Requests to have this handled have been ignored for over two years, and these are requests from people with Asana accounts only, I would strongly suspect that many people with a best practice approach to data management evaluate the product like I have, and then drop it as a contender due to this flagrant flaw. Asana needs to stop devaluing the business data of their customers, and give admins the peace of mind and security they need, and make this task a priority now. I work in IT and creating “delete notifications” is something you already track (per Patrick Lorenz), so that would not be hard to implement. Extending your user permissions to prevent task deletion is obviously harder. It is shockingly inexcusable in my opinion that Asana disregards best practice on this data management point. If Asana user base truly knew how much their data was at risk, and the consequences of how that impacts their business I believe they would be outraged, and they would definitely lose customers.”

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It’s really crazy and I dont understand at all, why this issue is not being resolved. A project management tool should help business to thrive and not putting them at risk of loosing valueable data.


We share the same problem.

Truthfully, had we known we wouldn’t be able to prevent users from deleting tasks they did not create, we wouldn’t have purchased the Asana subscription.

We will give it a few months to see if you are planning on creating this crucial safety measure.
Otherwise we will have no choice but to move to different service provider.

Something for the ASANA team to consider:
As a paying customer, when I purchase a service to monitor my employees tasks , the first and most BASIC requirement is to have control over deletions. Far more than any other product features .

I cannot think of any other feature development that is more important than this one for businesses, Unless you aim Asana for personal use only which is clearly not the case… so PLEASE fix this !!
we really love the other features in Asana and don’t want to leave but this requirement is a MUST for us!

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This has been an open request since 2018 @Anat_D …I don’t expect it being something they will resolve in a few months.

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@Skyler I believe the request goes back to 2014 - this is something we have been asking for since then - but the team at Asana do not seem to consider this a priority.

Definitely not surprised. I imagine it’s an architecture limitation that came as a result of limited foresight.