Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

Can we get an update on this? Echoing the years of concern in this string, this is a gaping security hole that prevents the effective use of Asana for basic process control. If you can’t have basic permission controls over tasks in the ways laid out by the many users here, then because tasks (or years worth of projects and files) CAN be deleted, at some point they WILL be deleted, either accidentally or intentionally. The comment-only features are helpful, but do nothing to close the security hole for anyone who is not only a comment-only contributor.

It makes using Asana more like an interesting (and beautiful!) app, but when it comes to data security not a serious industry-standard contender like a Salesforce or a number of ERP solutions. If I were a developer for asana, I’d want to be better than that. But maybe we should just accept that they aren’t (yes, that is a challenge).

I’ll continue to use it for now as I LOVE the interface. But at some point, assuming we continue to grow, switching will be inevitable if we want real data security for all our projects and processes.

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@Marie @Patrick_Lorenz I believe from security point of view it is a very critical feature. Many users have already pointed out the loopholes. I am glad that for a startup like us ASANA has been a savior and I would love to adopt it as a business user as my team gets bigger. However, with such basic security issue and also no explanation of why it cannot be solved, I and many others would be forced to use other alternatives to manage their tasks.

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Hi, can you share with me the solution preventing from users deleting tasks?

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I totally agree with this concern It would be great if the first column could be"fixed information" and the any tasks coming after that
On a construction project we like to e able to go back and see many previous steps in the process

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Is there any progress on this? If not a permission just a delete log of when and who. It would take our most junior engineer no more than 15 minutes to develop this, cannot understand your refusal to listen to hundreds of requests above.


PLEASE we desperately need this ability.


@Marie Any update on this? This has recently become a requirement for us, and unfortunately without a solution, work around, or timeframe, we’ll be forced to look elsewhere for our project management software.


Surprised at the longevity of this thread for a basic feature. Asana team should seriously consider this since at least in our organization this has caused two instances and had to rely on a individual to admit ( would have not been possible to prove it otherwise).

Hopefully it will be available in Feb 2021 updates



How many of your thousands of feature requests have 10,600 views, 109 comments, for almost three years where people are continuing to actively request such a basic feature?

What exactly is it going to have to take for your product team to prioritize this?


This is very disturbing to see that such famous team management software is not helping its community with a small but crucial security feature like this.
We were looking for such software but surely without this feature this software might become a liability. You can’t control and one team member will some ill intention could cause a lot damage by deleting tasks permanently.

All other features are good but this one could take a lot customer away from ASANA.


Asana, please provide an update about this issue. Providing us with permissions to protect task and projects from deletion is a big deal for any company using this as a work management and productivity platform.

Thank you

Hi @Daniel_Pho, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’m afraid we don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, we’re keeping a close eye on this request and we will post any updates as soon as we have them.

@Emily_Roman @Marie Perhaps you could suggest some workarounds or coping techniques?