Prevent new users from being created from my domain - Google integration

Hello, we have a 25 user Asana license and we use Google SSO to allow people from our domain access to Asana. However, there seems to be no way for the Asana admin to allow only specific users access to Asana. Anyone who has an account on our domain is able to get into Asana and create an account, frequently leading to our user limit getting breached. Of course, Asana is quick to ask me to “upgrade” but there should be a way to limit who gets access in the first place. Does anyone have a solution for this? Right now all I can do is kick someone out and explain why I have to take away their account.

Hi @Sanjeev_Kale, I’d recommend reaching out to our team so they can take a look into your Organisation and advise you with the best solution. It might make more sense for you to upgrade specific Teams instead of your whole Organisation to avoid having colleagues from other teams using your premium seats!