Prevent guest clients from copying project into a different account?

Is there a way to prevent invited guests (my clients) from copying the project they are assigned to into their own workspace account? I am a marketing agency and would like to grant access to my clients so that they can interact with their marketing project boards. But I am concerned that some cheap people might just take the monthly marketing project boards, along with all of our work and documents and copy them into their own account and then hire a cheap virtual assistant to implement all of our strategies and work that is layed out in the project board. Especially if I spend time laying out several month’s worth of a marketing calendar and uploaded adobe design files.

Hi :wave:,

I’d say if they can see it in Asana, they can copy it, even if a “cheap” assistant like you said does it for them with copy-paste or screenshots. No solution there I am afraid, except only showing the important information during a meeting…