Prevent a rule from being changed

I created a Template and added few rules, I checked the box “Only me can modify this rule”, but once a project is created using this template, the rules can be changed by anyone in the project.

I know that it’s meant to be like this (following the documentation), but Is there a way to prevent that ? The rules should not be changed by anyone and if they should be modified, the modification has to be done in the Template itself and by request. By doing that we make sure that all the projects using this Template are using the same rules and also preventing errors. That’s why we created a Template.

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The rule inside the template and the ones inside the projects will never be in sync. I suggest you add "setup tasks " in the template, the first task being assigned to you by default asking you to lock the rule. Would that solve your issue?

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@Bastien_Siebman Could you please be more specific, I don’t know where to find the option “Setup Tasks” ?!
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What I call “Setup tasks” are tasks at the top of a template, that are required to complete in order to properly set up the project you just created using the template. Those can include tasks like “Assign project owner”, “Choose project color based on conventions”, “Add project to appropriate portfolios”… Those setup tasks are often overlooked.

Hi @Bastien_Siebman thanks for your explanation. I’m afraid this will not solve my problem. Thanks anyways. Could you please not mark your answer as a solution. I’m still waiting for other solutions or workarounds.

I did not, someone else did :sweat_smile:

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