Premium Features Missing On Some Tasks

Hi all,

I use Asana Premium. Lately, I’ve been having intermittent issues with premium features not being available in some tasks.

For example, today I created a new task from Gmail. It doesn’t need to be in a project. When I try to set the date range the calendar pops up with the “Upgrade to add a start date” message. Can only set a due date. Custom Fields aren’t available either.

I move to a task that is in a project and I can set start dates and manage fields. The “Upgrade” box is in the upper right hand corner next my photo. Not sure if it is a constant or if it shouldn’t be there.

Anyone have/having this issue?



You probably are on a Premium plan for one team only, so only tasks from projects inside this team have the features. Can you confirm? You can find out more in Admin console I think.

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Thanks! I did a check and this appears to be the issue. Now I know how to solve the problem.

Thanks again!