Pre-scheduled Status Updates?



I would love to see a feature in Asana that allows you to pre-populate a status update and schedule the day/time it goes out to your followers/project members.

I manage 3 Marketing queues, and we update our status for each “project” every Friday at 5pm. However, we are starting our summer hours, and get to leave at 3pm every Friday. I would like to see Asana create the feature that allows me to type my update at, let’s say, 1pm and not have it pushed live until 5pm.

Unless this is a super secret functionality that already exists and I just don’t know about it?

Thank you!
Ally Mitchell


Hi @Ally_Mitchell I’m afraid we don’t have a feature (not even a super secret one :slight_smile: ) allowing to pre-write and schedule projects updates. But thanks for sharing your request in the #productfeedback category; it will allow other users to vote for it and attract our Product Managers attention! :slight_smile: