PowerAutomate flow doesn't trigger sometimes

Hi there!

I have created a flow in Microsoft Power Automate that triggers when a new task is added to my “DevOps Queue” project in Asana. The purpose of this automation is to take items that have been added to the DevOps Queue project and create them as work items in Microsoft’s Azure Dev Ops. Basically, I am escalating certain issues my team has triaged to our developer.

The flow works–usually, and it did in testing. But the trouble is that sometimes I will fulfill the triggers for the flow and Power Automate appears to never receive them. I am using the “when a Task is created” trigger in Power Automate, and sometimes it just doesn’t go off. It’s not that Power Automate sees that it’s been triggered, but fails, or that there’s an error–it’s almost like Asana never “told” Power Automate that a new task had been added to the project.

For a touch more background, tasks are added to the DevOps Queue project via an Asana rule. When I set my “Escalate” property to “DevOps,” the rule adds the task in question to the DevOps Queue project (so then the task is in two projects–it doesn’t move it).

This now appears to be failing maybe half the time. Any idea what’s going on?