Power BI - Asana refresh failure

FWIW, see also:

which has past and current reports of perhaps the same issue.



Been having the same issue with two datasets connected to Asana since Jan 26. They successfully refreshed once this morning but I’ve been receiving failure notifications again afterward.

If memory serves the asana data is stored in AWS - or at least the API goes through there… I wonder if this has anything to do with the outages reported on downdectecor.com. There were also reports of the same on Friday.

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Any updates about this issue? I do experience this from Monday onwards as well!

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Same here

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Hi Vanessa, it’s been ~24 hours now where nothing has worked. I also had an open support ticket.

It’s just really frustrating that we’re not hearing anything here or on the ticket…

I am able to successfully refresh my Power BI dashboards with Asana connections as of 11 AM EST for the first time since 1/25/2024.

I am still struggling with data refresh. What I noticed now is that although it connects with Asana, when Power BI goes into expand custom task fields or expand tags, it does not work. It gets stuck in this process for a long time till a message of credentials appear. Just for the sake of clarification: obviously I check credentials before starting the refresh process.

I agree. An update would be nice. We have no idea of what is the root cause of this problem, neither what are the actions to get this issue solved. SLA would be nice.


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. We’ve received reports from some users that the refreshing issue has been resolved for them, however, other users are still running into issues.

Unfortunately, our Developers are not able to share an ETA yet, but they are actively working on a permanent fix. They will let me know of any updates and I’ll be sure to share them here in the forum.

Apologies for the trouble.

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I can confirm I still have the same issue.

It was working from 11am yesterday until about 2-3pm PST today. But for the last 2-3 hours we’ve been seeing the same issue.

Thank you, @Will.S, it looks like our Support team received similar reports and we’ve already informed our Engineers. They will dig into this further and hopefully a permanent fix will be implemented soon.

After some days of normal operation, today I noticed that data refresh is taking too long. Till now I was unable to complete it.

Hi @Marcelo_Nishi and everyone, apologies for the trouble. Our team is still investigating the root cause of the issue. For now, they’ve let me know that they’ve noticed an increase in data logs from PowerBI’s side. As we haven’t made any changes on our end, they are asking if there was any recent change, such as an update to a newer version, new feature, etc. Would you be able to share any information?

From my side there was no significant change in terms of data to be processed. Yesterday I could not get data refreshed. Today I got it, but it is taking too long to have this completed.

Thanks for the additional information, Marcelo. I’ll pass this along to our Developers.

[quote=“Marcelo_Nishi, post:1, topic:678563”]
Power BI desktop is not refreshing Asana data. This failure started on Jan 17, 2024, and this is causing problems when executives want to know current project status.

When we start Asana data refresh in Power BI desktop, it starts refreshing, and never ends, and many times a message of credentials appear.

We have Asana Business plan, and we have been using Power BI integrated with Asana for 1 year.

Please we need a urgent solution for this as this is causing business impacts.

@Vanessa_N Hi. Just to let you know the problem appeared again today.

Hey Marcelo, sorry to hear that the issue is back. Our Developers are still working on a fix, and it’s taking a bit longer than we expected because it’s happening intermittently for some users, but I’ll let them know about your case.