Postponed: Share your workflows + win an Asana bag!



The contest has been postponed. Let’s pick this back up after the new year!

The forum is a place for you to learn and share the unique ways you have arranged Asana workflows to maximize productivity. In the spirit of learning together, we invite you to share your Asana stories to win Asana swag! The three posts with the most hearts by December 15th will win an Asana bag!

Post Guidelines

  • Create a post in the “Share your best practices” category that tells the community how you and your team use Asana. (Don’t create your post in this thread.)

  • The title/subject of your post should end with the words “[my story],” so we know you’re participating in the contest.

  • Know your audience. Write a post that captures the community’s attention and also provides best practices that will help others be more productive.

  • Story requirements:

    • Your industry
    • Tools you used before Asana
    • The problem you were trying to solve when you started using Asana
    • How Asana addressed that problem and/or solved problems you didn’t know you had
    • An overview of the key workflows you create in Asana
  • Not required, but nice to have in your story:

    • Metrics or statistics to show how much Asana has helped you
    • How you use Asana features like sections, tags, and custom fields
    • How you structure your My Tasks and/or team projects
    • Quirky processes that you’ve created such as your team’s unique Asana etiquette

Support each other: heart and comment

Your fellow Asanas are writing these posts to help you! Show your appreciation and support by hearting the posts that you find the most helpful and engaging. Also, be sure to comment and ask questions to learn more!

And the winner is…

The top three [my story] posts with the most hearts will win an Asana bag! The contest ends December 15th, so get to sharing and hearting! :heart: We’ll announce the winners on Friday, December 16th.

Please comment here if you have questions. :slight_smile:


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