Posting to a Section Directly on Mobile

When on my laptop, there is a plus next to the section that I want to add a task to, but not in mobile. Either I need to pull it down and add it or more often than not, I forget to, or just post to wrong place, then organize my stuff later. Both are annoying. Is there a simple way to get this into the proper section, since I sectioned things off to get them to be organized.

PS Asana, just add the plus to the mobile app.

Hi @Suzy_Dickstein, thanks for reaching out!

That’s a great questions! When you create a new task, you can swipe up to see more options including moving to the right section. Please see more details in the screenshots below:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow up questions :slight_smile:


That’s exactly my point. I don’t want to swipe up to put it in the right section after the fact; I want to put it in the right place quickly and in the first place like I can on desktop. Please just put a “+” on the mobile app.

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I see what you mean @Suzy_Dickstein, thanks for the clarification! I have gone ahead and moved this thread to the Product Feedback category to allow other users to vote for this option.

Thanks again for sharing and please let me know if you have any other questions!

An added note:
This is also seemingly a bug when the top section is collapsed (or just really bad UX). If a user attempts to create a task with the top section collapsed, the created task is nowhere in view, and not in the section in focus or expanded section. This makes it look like the task wasn’t created until the user (AKA me) realizes that all the attempts were secretly placed in the top section that was collapsed.

Another proposal would be to have the option to create a new task in each section’s respective ellipsis drop down menu.