Posting comment in right to left language

I’m trying to post comment in rtl language but apparently its impossible. I press ctrl+shift to move to right but it doesn’t work. How can I do it?

If you use Chrome, I found a plug-in:

Might want to suggest it in the product feedback area, they seem to have been working on localization lately so this might be a feature they’re planning.


I have already tested the chrome extension but it has some problems such as it doesnt support rtl in conversation and sometiems it fails to work.

Just to understand - does this plug in allow display of a mix of RTL AND LTR languages so that the words appear in the correct order?

Hi @Terry_Kastel, I don’t actually know anything about the plug in. I’d just found it in searches. Sorry.

Thanks Ryan, the link routes to an error page anyway so I can’t check it out

The feature request should be merged into #4755 (“RTL language support”), if possible.

No need to limit the RTL / BiDi support only to “comments,” as it should be implemented across-the-board, wherever the user is allowed to enter text.

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I also wish Asana would fix RTL support soon, in the meanwhile, I found that the best practice to escalate our request to the company is through finding the thread with most votes and just adds more votes to it.

The link to that thread

Let our voice be heard.