Posting comment in right to left language


I’m trying to post comment in rtl language but apparently its impossible. I press ctrl+shift to move to right but it doesn’t work. How can I do it?


If you use Chrome, I found a plug-in:

Might want to suggest it in the product feedback area, they seem to have been working on localization lately so this might be a feature they’re planning.


I have already tested the chrome extension but it has some problems such as it doesnt support rtl in conversation and sometiems it fails to work.


Just to understand - does this plug in allow display of a mix of RTL AND LTR languages so that the words appear in the correct order?


Hi @Terry_Kastel, I don’t actually know anything about the plug in. I’d just found it in searches. Sorry.


Thanks Ryan, the link routes to an error page anyway so I can’t check it out