Possible to have Teams as task assignees?


Is it possible to assign teams as task ok owners. I’m trying to develop a template for a builder that follows the same process for each home. Say I have the role ‘Team Leader’ assigned to 10 of the 50 tasks on this template could I create a team called ‘Team Leader’ which has all 5 Them Leaders of the business as team members, have ‘Team Leader’ as assignee for each of the 10 tasks in the template and control which member of team ‘Team Leader’ has access to the project?

This would have the big advantage that the template doesn’t have to change as assignees are generic names such as Team Leader as opposed to specific names.

Is there a way to do this?


great idea. +1


@Thomas_F_Meier this isn’t possible at this time, but I’ll go ahead and add this thread to the #productfeedback category so you and other community members can vote :slight_smile: