Possible to have a default due date for new tasks?



Hi all, we’re evaluating Asana for managing work tasks for a team. It’s not a “project”, more an ongoing stream of one-off and recurring tasks that the team is responsible for actioning. At this stage of the eval I have created an Asana project to hold this team’s tasks, but perhaps we don’t need that and can just have the tasks not be assigned to any specific project.

But my question is, when our professional staff create a new task for this team, is it possible for the task to default to a due date of +24 hours from time of creation, without the task creator having to select a due date? Our general practice is that all tasks should be completed within 24 hours unless otherwise specified. This would also apply to tasks created via email.

I can’t see how to do it in Asana itself. Perhaps with Microsoft Flow or Zapier I could check for new tasks with no due date and set one based on that +24 hours default deadline. But I’d prefer a native solution in Asana as I expect that would be more reliable.



Hi @Paul_Cunningham natively with Asana there is no option to automatically assign a specific Due Date for a task.

On-top of the possible work around you have suggested there is also a Google Forms integration which may assist.



On further inspection Microsoft Flow can’t modify the due date on existing tasks. At best I can have it alert on tasks that are created without a due date, but I’ve also found that the Flow will fire repeatedly if someone starts to create a task but then gets distracted before they’ve entered all the details. Not ideal.