Possible to delay team notifications from my after hours/weekend work?



I work when I can with a virtual contractual team. Many times, my work is late at night, early in the morning, or on the weekend but I don’t necessarily need the team members who follow a task to receive notifications or updates at the moment that I’m adding a comment for instance.

Is it possible for me to work when it’s convenient for me without having to have my team get notifications immediately, if they are set to get app notifications or email? Is there a way to disconnect my Asana from notifications or have it operate in some kind of “stealth” mode and then release my updates, comments, etc during business hours?

I love that my team is super responsive. Most of them have notifications go to their email. I just don’t want them getting those notifications during hours when I’m barreling through tasks at cray cray hours.



Hi Chrystal,
I had the same thoughts when I was managing big teams and going through my Asana at weekends.
Currently there is no built in way in Asana for you to control it, but what I found great is when you agree with your team on a convention how to handle this cases. E.g. in which cases you expect a fast response or how much time they have in general to answer
Moreover, you can show your teammates how to snooze the inbox, just go to settings and hacks and activate it.
My pals and I found this featire great to focus more and avoid distractions.


What conventions do you have in place for your team? Just curious and would love to borrow your thought for a head start.


Hey @Chrystal_Hurst & @Sebastian_Paasch; Michael from Asana here.

At the moment, this isn’t possible within the product. That said, this does sound like a great idea to post in our Product Feedback category! I’m going to move this over to that category if you don’t mind, so our developers can get a chance to read your feedback directly :slightly_smiling_face:

I know many folks don’t want to bother their team if they get more work done at night or during the weekend. A sync period of all newly added Tasks in your “outbox”, that can be set for the morning after or on a Monday (rather than throughout the weekend) sounds like a neat hack.

It could also expand the scope & functionality of the snooze button that can take this feature to the next level. I say so because the snooze hack is only able to quiet your personal inbox notifications for an hour & doesn’t apply to the rest of your Team…

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Yup! Sync period for an Outbox is a great hack! Thanks for moving on to Product Feedback!


My pleasure @Chrystal_Hurst; it’s a great idea!

Hope you had a great new year!


Hi there. I know it may be too soon, but I was wondering if there was any progress on this front? Even though some members of my team and I may choose to work late and on weekends, we don’t want to intrude on others who choose not to do so. We’d definitely love a feature that would stop notifications and emails from going out to our co-workers on weekends and off-hours. We’re kind of new to Asana, so if I am missing something, I apologize in advance. Thanks! Mark


Any update on this or other better suggestions? Running into the same issue. Love getting organized in Asana on the weekends, but don’t want to interrupt my team or bombard them with notifications.