Possible to add tags when adding a task through email?



We use Asana a bit differently at my office because we do quick graphic design projects for a ton of clients every day. We have a job request form that our sales reps fill out and it gets sent to Asana through an automatically generated email. We just have one big Master project that holds all of our jobs.

We’re trying to find a good way to create reports based on a number of criteria and have run into some issues. I know there isn’t any way to search using an exact unique string of text, which would solve our issues because currently, I’m creating searches for text that goes into the task description from the request form. The way it is now, if I search for a specific market or job type, it includes every word so I get tasks that shouldn’t be in the results. We’re thinking of trying to get our form to automatically add tags based on a few of the inputs.

Does anyone know if that’s possible or if there’s another good solution?