Porting a personal project set up in my Business Account to Personal Projects


Hi and Happy New Years!

By accident I set up my personal 2019 Goals Project in under my business account so tasks are showing up in my feed when I don’t want them to. I want to be able to toggle between
prosoundeffects.com [business]

and Personal Projects

see screenshot

I can’t figure out how to do it - ie copy it to Personal Projects and then delete it from prosoundeffects.com (business projects).

Please advise and thanks!



@Douglas_Price, Here’s a recommendation:

  1. Create a new Workspace called “Personal” or similar (your avatar in top right > My Profile Settings > Account > Create new workspace). This is because Personal Projects is limited in functionality compared to regular workspaces and orgs, and has even been phased out for new users.
  2. Use the great third-party tool https://asana.kothar.net/ to copy the project from prosoundeffects.com to the new Personal workspace.
  3. After making sure you have everything in Personal workspace, delete the project from prosoundeffects.


Thanks, but not showing the Workspace when I log in to the tool, so I can’t do anything. I’m on Chrome if that helps.


@Douglas_Price, I’m seeing the same thing as your screenshot when I try myself–no workspaces at all are listed.

@Kothar, is there maybe something down? Thanks!


There is indeed something not working - I’ve had a couple of reports today about the same problem. I’m about to check what’s happening now, so I’ll report back when I know more.



@Douglas_Price, @lpb - frustratingly, it is now working for me when it wasn’t earlier today, so I don’t know what was causing the problem.
Is is still not showing anything for you?



@Kothar, Yes, it’s working now, thanks! I logged out at that page, then logged in immediately, and it’s fine. So, @Douglas_Price you could try again…


@Kothar @Ipb It is now working. Thank you so much for your help here! Happy 2019!